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  • What is Pulp Molding?
    What is Pulp Molding?
    Advantages of pulp molded packaging.Compared to traditional packaging, the advantages of pulp molded packaging for environmental protection are clear at a glance:Pulp molding raw materials usually use natural plant fibers such as sugarcane bagasse, which is much lower in usage than traditional packaging boxes. Moreover, sugarcane has the ability to regenerate and has strong sustainability. In terms of volume, pulp molded packaging boxes come in different sizes, but their weight and raw material utilization are lower than traditional packaging boxes. Traditional packaging boxes cannot be made without wood, but the raw material for pulp molded packaging comes from sugarcane bagasse, which causes minimal environmental pressure. Pulp molded packaging boxes are biodegradable and compostable. Due to the natural advantages of materials, pulp molded packaging discarded within three months can achieve severe or complete decomposition under natural conditions, whether in the open air or in landfill, and can be converted into fertilizer, achieving green and sustainable development, greatly reducing the environmental pollution caused by packaging.
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