What is Pulp Molding?

May 12, 2023

Pulp molding is a three-dimensional paper making technology. It uses waste paper as raw material and is molded into a certain shape of paper products using a special mold on a molding machine. It has four major advantages: the raw material is waste paper, including cardboard, waste box paper, waste white edge paper, etc., with a wide range of sources; The production process is completed by processes such as pulping, adsorption molding, drying and shaping, which is environmentally friendly; Can be recycled and reused; The volume is smaller than that of foam plastic, can overlap, and transportation is convenient. Pulp molding, in addition to being used for lunch boxes and tableware, is also used for industrial cushioning packaging, and has developed rapidly. 

1.Advantages of pulp molded packaging.

Compared to traditional packaging, the advantages of pulp molded packaging for environmental protection are clear at a glance:

Pulp molding raw materials usually use natural plant fibers such as sugarcane bagasse, which is much lower in usage than traditional packaging boxes. Moreover, sugarcane has the ability to regenerate and has strong sustainability.


In terms of volume, pulp molded packaging boxes come in different sizes, but their weight and raw material utilization are lower than traditional packaging boxes. Traditional packaging boxes cannot be made without wood, but the raw material for pulp molded packaging comes from sugarcane bagasse, which causes minimal environmental pressure.


Pulp molded packaging boxes are biodegradable and compostable. Due to the natural advantages of materials, pulp molded packaging discarded within three months can achieve severe or complete decomposition under natural conditions, whether in the open air or in landfill, and can be converted into fertilizer, achieving green and sustainable development, greatly reducing the environmental pollution caused by packaging.

Strong design sense and high plasticity. Due to the integrated molding characteristics of pulp molded packaging during production, its production process is simple, production equipment investment is small, and energy consumption is low. And it can be transformed into packaging for various industries, such as skincare products, outer packaging for Chanel and Runbaiyan, such as Tencent's mooncake gift box, common disposable sugarcane bagasse meal box, etc. The emergence of these packaging precisely proves that today's environmentally friendly packaging and sustainable development are the right path.

2.Application of pulp molded products!

As an emerging green and environmentally friendly product, pulp molded products have increasingly demonstrated their application value.

Giant companies are laying out pulp molding, with prospects far beyond your imagination. Let's see what benefits it can bring to environmental protection.

Pulp molded products have good shockproof, shockproof, anti-static, anti-corrosion effects, and are environmentally friendly, which is conducive to manufacturers' products entering the international and domestic markets. They are widely used in various industries such as catering, food, electronics, electrical appliances, computers, mechanical components, industrial instruments, industrial glass, ceramics, toys, medicine, decoration, etc.

1)Food Packaging :

Pulp molded tableware refers to paper tableware made from pulp through processes such as molding, molding, and drying. It mainly includes molded paper cups, molded paper bowls, molded paper lunch boxes, molded paper trays, and molded paper dishes.

Giant companies are laying out pulp molding, with prospects far beyond your imagination. Let's see what benefits it can bring to environmental protection.

Its products have a generous and practical appearance, good strength and plasticity, compressive and folding resistance, light material, and are easy to store and transport; It is waterproof and oil resistant, and can also adapt to freezing storage and microwave heating; It can not only adapt to modern people's dietary habits and food structure, but also meet the needs of fast food processing. Pulp molded tableware is the main substitute for disposable plastic tableware.

2)Industrial packaging :

The use of paper mold material as a liner has the advantages of good plasticity and strong cushioning force, fully meeting the internal packaging requirements of electrical products. Its production process is simple and environmentally friendly, and the product has strong adaptability and a wide range of uses. 

Pulp molded industrial packaging products are gradually being widely used in shockproof lining packaging for household appliances, electronics, communication equipment, computer accessories, ceramics, glass, instruments, toys, lighting, handicrafts, and other products.

3)Packaging of agricultural and sideline products:

The most commonly used pulp molded products in the agricultural and sideline product industry are egg trays.

Pulp molded egg holders are particularly suitable for mass transportation and packaging of eggs, duck eggs, goose eggs, and other poultry eggs due to their loose material and unique egg shaped curved structure, as well as better breathability, freshness, and excellent cushioning and positioning effects. Using paper molded egg trays to package fresh eggs can reduce the damage rate of egg products from 8% to 10% of traditional packaging to less than 2% during long-distance transportation.

Gradually, paper pallets for fruits and vegetables have also become popular. Pulp molded pallets can not only prevent collision and damage between fruits, but also emit the respiratory heat of fruits, absorb evaporated water, suppress ethylene concentration, prevent fruit decay and deterioration, extend the freshness period of fruits, and play a role that other packaging materials cannot play.

Nowadays, with the development of the industry, fiber pots that can be composted and molded with pulp are becoming increasingly popular among horticultural workers. They are durable and cheaper, and their biggest advantage is that there is no need for secondary transplantation to cultivate seedlings. After the seeds emerge, they can be transplanted together with a bowl (the bowl can degrade on its own), which saves labor, time, and has a high survival rate.

4)Medical Products:

The medical industry has benefited greatly from various molded pulp products, including disposable urinals, disposable urinal liners, urinals, and packaging materials for drugs and medical equipment. This trend is rapidly shifting towards disposable use as they can reduce the risk of cross infection.

The biggest problem with the use of traditional medical instruments is that incomplete disinfection can easily lead to cross infection. If disposable paper trays, phlegm bags, bedpans, body pads, and splints are used, not only can disinfection be avoided and labor is saved, but also their waste can be directly burned without toxic side effects. Moreover, the price of paper mold tools is moderate, which is easily accepted by both doctors and patients, bringing many conveniences to medical and nursing work.

5)Innovative application areas:

Pulp molded products not only have the above-mentioned purposes, but also have special beautification functions, such as cultural and creative products and handicrafts; Paper sprue pipe; Bottles, barrels, boxes, decorative boards, etc. formed in one go. It will also have great potential in industries such as military, clothing, and furniture.

4.Promotion prospects!

As an environmentally friendly emerging product, pulp molded products are gradually entering a mature period of product life curve. With the improvement of people's living standards and environmental awareness, as well as the continuous improvement and enhancement of pulp molded product technology, the application scenarios of pulp molded products will definitely become more and more widespread, playing a greater role in global environmental protection and plastic prohibition.

Pulp molded products have the characteristics of abundant raw materials, pollution-free production and use process, wide applicability, low cost, light weight, high strength, good plasticity, buffering, interchangeability, and decoration performance, and can be reused and recycled. More importantly, compared with traditional cardboard packaging products, it has a fundamental leap - it has improved paper packaging from cardboard to paper fiber packaging in a new stag

Pulp molded products are another milestone in the development history of paper packaging, and their economic value and replacement status have been recognized by the international community. Pulp molded products have strong vitality and broad application prospects.

With 30-year experience in plant pulp molded tableware equipment R&D and manufacturing, Far East is the premier in this field.

Far East is the first manufacturer of plant fiber molded tableware machinery in China since 1992. With 30-year experience in plant pulp molded tableware equipment R&D and manufacturing, Far East is the premier in this field.

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