Preparation Method And Process of Sugarcane Bagasse Pulp Tableware Equipment.

June 26, 2023

The sugarcane pulp tableware equipment  is to put tapioca and acetic acid into a ball mill, add catalyst, set a certain temperature, speed and time, wash the materials with distilled water and ethanol, and dry them to obtain cassava acetate starch; Dissolve cassava acetate starch in distilled water, add plasticizers drop wise, and stir at a certain temperature, speed, and time to obtain cassava acetate starch; Mix cassava acetate starch, filler, and sugarcane straw evenly, dry the material at a certain temperature to make it contain, then take out the material and put it into a mold for hot pressing to make tableware, set a certain pressure, temperature, and time; Apply waterproof film to the final pressed bowl. The patented technology of this invention is simple, harmless to the human body, biodegradable, and has low environmental pollution, making it suitable for industrial production. The environmentally friendly tableware produced is hygienic, non-toxic, heat-resistant, waterproof, not easily deformed or damaged, with a wide range of raw materials and low cost. So, let's learn about the preparation method and process of sugarcane pulp tableware equipment together!

Nowadays, sugarcane pulp tableware equipment can be roughly divided into three types.

Biodegradation system: such as paper products (including pulp forming molds, cardboard coating molds), edible powder forming molds, plant fiber forming molds, etc;

Light/biodegradable materials (light/biodegradable plastic (non foaming) type, such as photo biodegradable PP;


Easy to recycle materials: such as polypropylene (PP), high impact polystyrene, biaxially stretched polystyrene, natural inorganic mineral filled polypropylene composite products, etc. But environmentally friendly tableware  is not always easy to degrade, limited to environmental factors, which bring certain pollution to the environment. Easily degradable paper tableware also has the drawbacks of variability, easy breakage, and poor waterproofing.


Sugarcane pulp tableware equipment is closely related to people's lives, and tableware is non-toxic and must not pose a threat to human health. However, most disposable tableware has certain hazards to human health, especially when hot food is consumed, it is easy to release harmful factors. Plant fiber tableware , food and item packaging products that use adhesives and plant fibers made from starch and NTD release agents disclosed in Chinese patent (CN98111212.9) to make disposable tableware. Chinese patent (CN01105962) degradable disposable tableware. These two patents have low costs, a wide range of raw materials, fast decomposition speed, and therefore the tableware is not firm, easy to damage, and has poor water resistance and heat resistance.


The preferred method for sugarcane pulp tableware  equipment is to prepare acetate starch through mechanical activation solid-state reaction. Acetate starch has high viscosity, high transparency, and weak flocculation. By storing stable starch and making environmentally friendly tableware, the toughness of tableware can be improved, making it less prone to deformation and damage. However, the use of acetic anhydride can cause harm to the human body, so the acetate starch prepared by the aforementioned patent is not suitable for the preparation of tableware.

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The above introduction is the preparation method and process of sugarcane pulp tableware equipment. If you need to learn more, please feel free to contact us at any time!

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