EU Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation (PPWR) Proposal Published!

December 09, 2022

The European Union's "Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulations" (PPWR) proposal was officially released on November 30, 2022 local time. The new regulations include an overhaul of the old ones, with the primary aim of stopping the growing problem of plastic packaging waste. The PPWR proposal applies to all packaging, regardless of the material used, and to all packaging waste. The PPWR proposal will be considered by the Council of the European Parliament in accordance with the ordinary legislative procedure.


The overall aim of the legislative proposals is to reduce the negative impact of packaging and packaging waste on the environment and to improve the functioning of the internal market, thereby increasing the efficiency of the sector. The specific objectives to achieve this overall goal are:

1. Reduce the generation of packaging waste

2. Promoting a circular economy in packaging in a cost-effective manner

3. Promote the use of recycled content in packaging


The regulations also stipulate recyclable packaging (Article 6 Recyclable packaging, P57) and minimum recycled content in plastic packaging (Article 7 Minimum recycled content in plastic packaging, P59).

In addition, the proposal also includes compostable (Article 9 Packaging minimisation, P61), reusable packaging (Article 10 Reusable packaging, P62), labeling, marking and information requirements (Chapter III, Labeling, marking and information requirements, P63) stipulated


The packaging is required to be recyclable, and the regulations require a two-step process to meet the requirement. From 1 January 2030 packaging must be designed to comply with recycling standards and from 1 January 2035 the requirements will be further adjusted to ensure that recyclable packaging is also adequately and efficiently collected, sorted and recycled ('large-scale Recycle'). Design for recycling criteria and methods for assessing whether packaging can be recycled on a large scale will be defined in an enabling act passed by the committee.


Definition of returnable packaging

1. All packaging should be recyclable.

2. Packaging shall be considered recyclable if it meets the following conditions:

(a) designed for recycling;

(b) effective and efficient separate collection pursuant to Article 43(1) and (2);

(c) be sorted into designated waste streams without affecting the recyclability of other waste streams;

(d) can be recycled and the resulting secondary raw material is of sufficient quality to replace the primary raw material;

(e) Can be recycled on a large scale.

Where (a) applies from January 1, 2030 and (e) applies from January 1, 2035.


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